Amanda Schutz

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Graduate Associate


Social Science 436C

I am currently a fifth year PhD student in the School of Sociology. I received my BA in sociology and communication from Indiana University Northwest (2009) and my MA in sociology from the University of Arizona (2012). 

Research Interests: 

 Race/class/gender inequality, social movements, religion, deviance

Courses Taught: 

SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology (classroom)

SOC 222: Gender Identities, Interactions, and Relationships (classroom, online)

SOC/RELI 322: Sociology of Religion (online)


My master's research involved conducting in-depth interviews with self-identified atheists in order to develop a model of "coming out" atheist, and comparing that process to the LGBT experience.

Current research conducted with Dr. Louise Roth involves examining this interview data for gender differences in the risk of revealing an atheist identity and stigma management strategies. 

MA Thesis Title: 

Coming Out of the "Other" Closet: Applying the LGBT Experience to Atheists

PhD Dissertation Title: 

Organized Non-Religion: A Multi-Level Analysis of Identity among Nonbelievers