Faculty Grants and Fellowships - External

Below is a list of faculty grants and fellowships external to the University of Arizona that have been active or awarded since 2010.  

National Science Foundation

Department of Defense

  • Ronald Breiger, 2010
    Defense Threat Reduction Agency
    "New Analytic Methods for the Exploitation of Open-Source Structured Databases on the Pursuit of WMD Terrorism"
  • Ronald Breiger, 2010
    Air Force Office of Scientific Research
    "Inferring Structure and Forecasting Dynamics on Evolving Networks,"
    Principal Investigator: P. Jeffrey Brantingham, UCLA; the grant is to six universities over five years
  • Jane Zavisca (with Ted Gerber, PI), 2013-18
    "Homeownership and Societal Stability: Testing Causal Effects in Central Eurasia"
    Minerva Research Initiative
    Total award $3.5 million; UA share $783,000


  • Jeffrey J. Sallaz, 2010
    “Structuring a Business Process Outsourcing Industry in the Philippines: Social, Economic, and Political Considerations"

Macarthur Foundation

  • Jennifer Earl, 2013-2016
    "Youth Activism Project"
    Funded through a sub-contract with Mills College for participation in the MacArthur Network on Youth and Participatory Politics, $379,500

National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences

  • Brian Mayer, 2013
    Administrative Supplement Grant
    “A Community Based Assessment of Social Vulnerability and Resiliency"

National Institutes of Health

  • Brian Mayer, 2011-16
    “Deepwater Horizon Disaster Research Consortia: Health Impacts and Community Resliency Program Project" (U19)

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency

Patient Center Outcomes Institute