January 2014 edition of Teaching Sociology to feature article by Jessie K. Finch and Celestino Fernández

Jessie K. Finch and Celestino Fernández's forthcoming work "Mentoring Graduate Students in Teaching: The FCCIC Model" (to be published in Teaching Sociology) outlines the mentoring model called “From Conception to Co-Instructor to Completion.”

This five-step method provides a plan of action for faculty and graduate students who wish to co-develop a course in such a way that graduate student mentees are exposed to the entire teaching process with the supervision and assistance of a faculty mentor. Research has consistently shown the high value of mentorship for graduate students in various areas—program satisfaction, professional self-image, confidence, productivity, etc. However, specific templates of how to best mentor graduate students, especially in the vital area of teaching, are lacking. The FCCIC Model moves beyond the traditional “Professor/Teaching Assistant” hierarchy (the TA model) to create equally operational co-instructors. The FCCIC method is summarized and then illustrated through the development of a sociology course on happiness as an exemplar of how to better mentor graduate students in teaching.

Published Date: 

09/15/2013 - 18:23