School of Sociology hosts Dr. Rochelle R. Côté for Special Brownbag Lecture

The UA School of Sociology is holding a Special Brownbag on Thursday, August 15th. The speaker will be Rochelle R. Côté, PhD from the Institute for Social Science Research at The University of Queensland. Her talk is entitled “From Disadvantage to Success? Indigenous Entrepreneurship in the Urban Marketplace – An International Study”.

This talk presents findings from a study of Indigenous entrepreneurship across two large, mainstream markets in North America – Toronto, Canada and Phoenix, USA. Past work suggests that Indigenous populations in North America continue to be subject to much discrimination, calling into question the ability of businesses to succeed in marketplaces dominated by entrepreneurs of European descent. While this may be true, a growing middle class exists, spurred in part by an increase in business activity. Financing and education are important predictors of success, but my research suggests that Indigenous entrepreneurs with diverse networks (and the ability to ‘walk in two worlds’) are more likely to succeed. But not all ties are equal – different kinds of contacts are associated with different entrepreneurial outcomes. My talk will discuss these differences and implications for Indigenous entrepreneurs in North America and abroad.


The Sociology Brownbags are held in the Social Science Building, Room 415, from 12-1:15 p.m. unless otherwise specified. (Downloadable PDF flyer).

Published Date: 

08/01/2013 - 04:09