Brown Bag Talk: Dawne Moon, Marquette University


Fri, 10/18/2019 - 12:00 to 13:15
Room 415

Talk Title: "Decentering Whiteness in the Evangelical LGBTQ+ Movement"

[part of the Gender, Race, and Power mini-series]


Abstract: Moon will present findings from the interdisciplinary study she is conducting, with philosopher Theresa Tobin, of the US-centered conservative Protestant movement to affirm LGBTQ+ identities, same-sex marriage, and gender transitions. She will touch on this movement’s critique of what she and Tobin call the toxic “sacramental shame” dynamic for LGBTQ+ people in conservative Protestantism, and the movement's challenge to conventionally conservative gender ideology. She will examine a tension they have observed, between creating space for white gay conservative Christians to go on living, and the broader pull toward solidarity with other oppressed groups. She will then explore the process of decentering whiteness while analyzing a predominantly white movement whose leaders aspire to diversity and inclusiveness.

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