Brown Bag Talk: Kathleen Schwartzman, University of Arizona


Fri, 10/25/2019 - 12:00 to 13:15
Room 415

Talk Title: "Mexico's Destiny in a Fluctuating World-System"

Abstract: "When there is a shift in the global hegemon, what is the fate of nations that are dependent upon the declining hegemon?  I reflect on the specific question --What does the future hold for Mexico, an economy closely tied to the United States, as the United States begins to lose its hegemonic dominance to China. The global economy is connected through networks, treaties, and international organizations that regulate the flow of commodities and various forms of capital. I focus on the role of the private organizations of commodity producers that engage in “international diplomacy,” sometimes using international organizations e.g. the WTO, and other times using governmental institutions such as the USITC (United States International Trade Commission). What effect do these have on Mexico’s ability to develop?"

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