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Until further notice, the University of Arizona, in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, encourages all employees to work remotely. Our office is closed to the public, but you can reach the School of Sociology, Monday–Friday 8am-5pm:

Sociology or Care, Health & Society students please contact:

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Social Life

When choosing a graduate program, you're not just looking for a place to study - you're looking for a place to live. We're certainly proud of our academic achievements, but social life is great here too! In addition to the three yearly faculty/student parties, there are many informal shindigs tossed by grad students. Super Bowl parties, tequila fests, and poker nights have become regular events around here. If you are invited to our prospective student weekend this spring, you can be pretty sure we'll throw a bash in your honor.

Of course, most of our lives aren't spent at parties. As sociologists know, strong and enduring social ties usually emerge from shared activities of daily life, not from extraordinary events. Given our rigorous academic environment, it's not surprising that friendships often develop in shared classes and/or shared offices.

Some of us have found a satisfying social life arising out of political activities and service projects both at the university and in the wider Tucson community. Grad students also participate in intramural sports of various sorts, and our teams are always looking for new members. Still others gain social satisfaction out of participation in religious communities, trips to street fairs, or hikes in the surrounding desert wilderness. Our list of what Arizona's grad students are up to really just scratches the surface. We're "joiners" as a rule, so if there's something you're into, ask around – you just may find a kindred spirit.


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