Jennifer Carlson

Associate Professor

Jennifer Carlson is an associate professor of sociology and a MacArthur Fellow (Class of 2022). Her work examines the politics of guns in American life. She is the author of Citizen-Protectors: The Everyday Politics of Guns in an Age of Decline (2015, Oxford University Press), Policing the Second Amendment: Guns, Public Law Enforcement and the Politics of Race (2020, Princeton University Press), and Merchants of the Right: Gun Sellers and the Crisis of Democracy (Forthcoming 2023, Princeton University Press). She is currently the principal investigator on a National Science Foundation grant examining the experiences of gun violence survivors in Florida and California. In addition to her academic work, she has written for popular audiences in venues such as the New York Times, Detroit News, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Washington Post and has appeared on NPR and PBS as an expert on guns in America.