Leslie Langbert


Executive Director of the Center for Compassion Studies

Leslie has been teaching CBCT® (Cognitively Based Compassion Training) since 2014. Having studied directly with Geshe Lobsang Tenzin Negi, Ph.D at Emory University since 2012, she has led more than 100 students through the CBCT® program, including adolescents in foster care, Native American youth, transgender youth, behavioral health professionals, early childhood professionals and parents of preschoolers. She has been a certified yoga instructor for more than 6 years with additional training in yoga therapy, and is a mindfulness meditation facilitator.

In addition to her role as Executive Director of the Center for Compassion Studies, Leslie is an instructor in the Care, Health & Society program of the Department of Sociology, offering the course CHS 460- Self-Care in the Helping Professions. She also shares wellness and mindfulness practices during the academic year with students, faculty and staff through various campus programs.

A licensed clinical social worker, Leslie has a background as a psychotherapist working with children, youth and adults, and has held leadership roles in the non-profit sector in Florida, Washington D.C. area, and New York City.  She received both her bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Psychology and Master of Social Work degree from Florida State University.