Peter Ore

Ph.D. Candidate

Teaching Associate

Peter is a PhD candidate in sociology and a graduate fellow in the University of Arizona Mellon Seminar on Neoliberalism at the Neopopulist Crossroads. He is currently writing a dissertation on the development of the US air pollution monitoring system. He is broadly interested in understanding 20th century institutional transformations in the US political economy in a global context.

He reads and, when possible, contributes to the scholarship in environmental, economic, and political sociology; science and technology studies; political, economic, comparative, and social history; social demography and epidemiology; sociological methods; and social theory. He enjoys teaching theory, methods (broadly defined), and statistics. He programs in R and Python, and writes nearly everything in Emacs.

Peter earned his MA at the University of Montana in 2015 and was an adjunct instructor in Classical Sociological Theory there for the 2015/2016 academic year. He runs in the mountains for fun, and in recent years has been searching tirelessly for the perfect chorizo breakfast burrito.