Rights and Their Translation Into Practice II (2012): Panels

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Friday, November 2

Saturday, November 3

  • Panel Session IV: Rights Translation Mechanisms; Human Rights Prosecutions and “Effects-based Rights Enforcement"
  • Panel Session V: Economic and Social Rights; Opportunities and Constraints in the U.S. and Global Arenas
  • Panel Session VI: Framing, Institutional Logics and Public Opinion Formation
    • Paper Presenters
      • Alexandra Kalev, Tel-Aviv University, “How ‘Diversity’ Became a ‘Melting Pot’: The Transformation of American Equal Opportunity Discourse into the Israeli Organizational Field” (with Moran Levy, Columbia University)
      • William T. Bielby, University of Illinois-Chicago and University of Arizona, “Is Support for Workplace EEO Interventions Influenced by Organizational Justifications and Intended Beneficiaries?” (PDF) (with Maria Krysan, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Cedric Herring, University of Illinois-Chicago)
      • Shauhin Talesh, University of California-Irvine, “How Organizational Fields Mediate the Meaning of Consumer Rights Through Competing Field Logics”
    • Discussants
      • Suzanne Dovi, University of Arizona
      • Minayo Nasiali, University of Arizona
  • Wrap up Session: Where do we go from here?
    • This session will be devoted to identifying common issues and themes that emerged in the conference. We will discuss whether participants want to contribute to an edited volume based on conference presentations and/or related work, and if so, what issues, themes and further research agenda could/should be highlighted to make such a volume maximally useful.