Priority Registration and Waiting Lists

All sociology undergraduate courses are restricted to declared sociology majors, minors, and cross-listed departments as applicable during priority registration. For a detailed explanation of how priority registration works, click here.

Sociology courses except core courses (Soc 374, 375, and 300) will be RELEASED to all students in UAccess Student after priority registration.

If a course you wish to add is full, contact the instructor directly to inquire if there is a wait list. The list of faculty and graduate students can be found at Continue to monitor the course daily in hopes that a seat becomes available so it can be added to your schedule using UAccess Student.

Core Course Registration

Sociology undergraduate majors who are unable to enroll through UAccess Student, and other students who wish to enroll in Soc 300, 374 or 375 must submit a Core Course Request form.

  1. How to submit a course request form:
    1. Complete the course request form (attached below)
    2. Attach a copy of your, “Course History” summary from UAccess Student account OR  an “Academic Advisement Report” from your advisor, showing that you have satisfied the prerequisite
    3. Submit your completed form with your “Course History” to:
      School of Sociology
      Soc Sciences Building
      Room 400
      Mon-Fri, 8am-12noon or 1pm-5pm
PDF icon Core Course Request Form107.41 KB