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Thank you for visiting my page. My name is Alexander B. Kinney. I am a fifth year PhD Candidate in Sociology. My interests mainly lie in advancing institutional theory by exploring the foundations of institutional change, understanding the dynamics of field transformation, and studying the diffusion of technology in emerging and extra-institutional economies. My dissertation explores the dynamics of the cannabis industry as it transitions towards operating in a fully regulated commercial market. This includes how individuals in this industry negotiate contradictory regulations and unclear norms through the use of temporary, "provisional" institutions designed to provide both immediate support for business activities and become obsolete over time. 

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Areas of Study

Institutional Theory, Field theory, Extra-Institutional Markets, Semi-legitimate Industries, Emerging Financial Instruments.

Selected Publications

Kinney, Alexander B., Andrew P. Davis, and Yongjun Zhang. 2018. “Theming for Terror: Organizational Adornment in Terrorist Propaganda.” Poetics 69:27–40.


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Alexander B. Kinney
PhD Candidate
Office: Social Sciences 416A