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About Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is PhD candidate in the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona.  He earned his MA in sociology from the University of Arizona in 2016.  

His ongoing research applies theory and method from organizational sociology and social networks analysis to better understand important outcomes regarding violent and criminal organizations - insurgencies, state armed forces, and terrorist organizations.

Before coming to the University of Arizona, he received his MA in political science from Virginia Tech in May 2014, along with a graduate certificate in the foundations of political analysis following his BA in political science from Winthrop University in 2011. 

Areas of Study

Global crime, political sociology, organizational sociology, global and transnational sociology, sociology of conflict, theory, research methods

Selected Publications

Davis, Andrew P.  2017. "A social ecology of civil conflict: Shifting allegiances in the conflict in Sierra Leone" Social Science Research, 67: 115-128.
Kinney, Alexander, Andrew P. Davis, and Yongjun Zhang.  2018. "Theming for Terror: Organizational Adornment in Terrorist Propaganda." Poetics: Journal of Empirical Research on Culture, the Media, and the Arts.
Bjorklund, Eric, Andrew P. Davis, and Jessica Pfaffendorf.  2018."Urine or You're Out: The Determinants of Welfare Drug Testing Policy in the United States, 2009-2015." The Sociological Quarterly.
Davis, Andrew P. and Beksahn Jang.  Forthcoming. "Civilian Targeting as Interaction Ritual: Evidence from Insurgent Groups in Cross-National Context." Comparative Sociology.
Davis, Andrew P. and Michael Gibson-Light.  Forthcoming. "Difference and Punishment: Ethno-political Exclusion, Colonial Institutional Legacies, and Incarceration" Punishment & Society.
Davis, Andrew P. and Yongjun Zhang. Forthcoming. "Civil Society and Exposure to Domestic Terrorist Attacks: Evidence from a Cross-National Quantitative Analysis, 1970-2010." International Journal of Comparative Sociology.


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Contact Information

Andrew Davis
PhD Candidate
Office: Social Sciences 412

Courses Taught

SOC 311: Political Sociology

SOC 313: Collective Behavior and Social Movements

SOC 342: Criminology