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Daniel E. Martínez is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Arizona and affiliate of the Center for Latin American Studies as well as the Mexican American Studies Department. His research and teaching interests include race and ethnicity, unauthorized immigration, and criminology. He is particularly interested in the increasing legal and social criminalization of unauthorized migration. Martínez also does extensive research on undocumented border crosser deaths along the US-Mexico border. He is one of three co-principal investigators of the Migrant Border Crossing Study, a Ford Foundation-funded research project that involves interviewing recently deported unauthorized migrants about their experiences crossing the US-Mexico border and residing in the United States. Martínez’s current research focuses on the relationship between so-called “sanctuary” policies and city-level crime rates, future migration intentions among recently deported unauthorized Mexican immigrants, and coyotaje (human smuggling) in the US-Mexico borderlands. 



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Selected Publications

Slack, Jeremy, Daniel E. Martínez, and Scott Whiteford. 2018. The Shadow of the Wall: Violence and Migration on the US-Mexico Border. Tucson, AZ: University of Arizona Press.

Martínez, Daniel E., Jeremy Slack, and Ricardo Martínez-Schuldt. 2018. “Repeat Migration in the Age of the Unauthorized Permanent Resident: A Quantitative Assessment of Migration Intentions Post-Deportation.” International Migration Review.

Slack, Jeremy and Daniel E. Martínez. 2018. “What Makes a Good Human Smuggler? The Differences between Satisfaction and Recommendation of Coyotes on the U.S.-Mexico Border.” The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 676(1):152-173.

Martínez, Daniel E., Ricardo Martínez-Schuldt, and Guillermo Cantor. 2018. “Providing Sanctuary or Fostering Crime? A Review of the Research on ‘Sanctuary Cities’ and Crime.” Sociology Compass 12(1):1-13.

Martínez, Daniel E. and Matthew Ward. 2017. “Agency and Resilience along the Arizona-Sonora Border: How Unauthorized Migrants Become Aware of and Resist Contemporary U.S. Nativist Mobilization.” Social Problems.

Martínez-Schuldt, Ricardo D. and Daniel E. Martínez. 2017. “Sanctuary Policies and City-Level Incidents of Violence, 1990 to 2010.” Justice Quarterly.

Martínez, Daniel E., Jeremy Slack, Kraig Beyerlein, Prescott Vandervoet, Kristin Klingman, Paola Molina, Shiras Manning, Melissa Burham, Kylie Walzak, Kristen Valencia, and Lorenzo Gamboa. 2017. “The Migrant Border Crossing Study: A Methodological Overview of Research along the Sonora-Arizona Border.” Population Studies 71(2):249-264.

Martínez, Daniel E. 2016. “Coyote Use in an Era of Heightened Border Enforcement: New Evidence from the Arizona-Sonora Border Region.” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 42(1):103-119.

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