Dee Hill-Zuganelli, Ph.D.

About Dee Hill-Zuganelli, Ph.D.

Dee Hill-Zuganelli completed his Ph.D. in the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona in summer 2016.  Dee's dissertation examined the legitimation of the field of Chicana/o Studies in higher education since the late 1960s, and the extent to which Chicana/o Studies acquires visibility through curricular and structural expansion.  Controlling for other factors, the data show that Chicana/o Studies programs are less likely to evolve into research centers and departments relative to other race-based interdisciplinary programs.  Without such infrastructure in place, the dissertation explores the impact of academic space on achieving sustainable community engagement practices .    

While finishing his studies, Dee completed a Graduate Certificate in College Teaching and has collaborated in research projects with the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Practice.

Starting in August 2016, Dee will serve as Assistant Professor of Family Studies at Berea College.   

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Dee Hill-Zuganelli, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Family Studies, Berea College

Dissertation Title

Chicano Studies: Proliferation of the Discipline and the Formal Institutionalization of Community Engagement