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About Eliza Benites-Gambirazio

Eliza is a Ph.D. student in sociology at the University of Arizona. 

Her current work focuses on real estate and residential dynamics in the Tucson metropolitan area in Arizona, and more specifically on the practices of market intermediaries (developers and realtors) in structuring housing demand. Her research lies at the intersection between urban sociology, economics and the environment.

While at the Universidad de Chile, she conducted research on Transantiago, the new public transportation system in Santiago de Chile. Her research sought to understand the process of modernization through interviews with policy makers, elected officials and public employees. Through participant observation in buses and informal interviews with bus users, the research also analyzed the reception of the new transportation system by its inhabitants, raising issues of social change and cultural adaptation provoked by a new mode of urban mobility as well as the memories created around the old system of transportation.  

Eliza carried out a quantitative research on the residents of gated communities in the United States, their socio-economic and ethnic demographics and their concerns around security and housing conditions.

She is an active member of the Research Unit iGlobes created in 2008 by the French National Center of Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University of Arizona. 

Research Interests

Stratification, Economic sociology, Urban sociology, Culture, Housing, Environmental Sociology


Selected Publications

"Le travail des femmes agents immobiliers aux Etats-Unis. Le genre comme subversion et compétence" (currently under revision) 

"Un travail sous tension. L'agent immobilier américain entre affranchissement des contraintes salariales et marchandisation" (Accepted for publication in Tracés)

2016. 1st author with M. Coeurdray and F. Poupeau. "Une promotion immobilière sous contraintes environnementales. Les logiques sociales du périurbain dans les Desert Cities de l’Ouest étasunien", Revue Française de Sociologie, vol 57 n°4. http://www.cairn.info/revue-francaise-de-sociologie-2016-4-page-735.htm 

2016. Book review "Sylvette Denèfle (dir.), Repenser la propriété. Des alternatives pour habiter," Lectures [En ligne], URL: http://lectures.revues.org/21418

2016. “The Social Logics of Urban Sprawl. Arizona cities under environmental pressure” in F. Poupeau et al., Water Bankrupcy in the Land of Plenty, New York, CRS Press Taylor and Francis, pp. 119-137. 

2016 with A. Serrat-Capdevilla et al. “Bringing all the stories together: Beyond the Tucson case study” in F. Poupeau et al., Water Bankrupcy in the Land of Plenty, New York, CRS Press Taylor and Francis, pp. 397-411.   See http://www.unesco-ihe.org/sites/default/files/water_bankruptcy_in_the_land_of_plenty_final_-_flyer.pdf

2014. "L’importance du quartier à Chicago et ailleurs," Métropolitiques, February 21st, 2014. URL: http://www.metropolitiques.eu/L-importance-du-quartier-a-Chicago.html

Ø  English version: “The importance of the neighborhood in Chicago and elsewhere,” Métropolitiques, March 19, 2014. URL: http://www.metropolitiques.eu/The-importance-of-the-neighborhood.html

2013. Book review "Monique Membrado, Alice Rouyer (dir.), Habiter et vieillir. Vers de nouvelles demeures," Lectures [En ligne], URL: http://lectures.revues.org/12460

2012. "Politiques urbaines et justifications écologiques. Note sur les centres-villes durables en Amérique Latine." Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales 195(5). 

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Eliza Benites-Gambirazio
Office: Social Sciences 426

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology (SOC101)

Sociology of Happiness (SOC357)

Work and Society (SOC326)

Environmental Sociology (SOC307)