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About Heidi Reynolds-Stenson

Heidi is a PhD candidate in Sociology, in her last year of the program. Her areas of interest include social movements, culture, and law. She is particularly interested in how social movement communities and organizations work to sustain participation in the face of repression and other costs.

Research Interests

social movements

Selected Publications


Heidi Reynolds-Stenson. “Protesting the Police: Police Brutality Claims as a Predictor of Police Repression of Protest.” Forthcoming in Social Movement Studies.  

Odabas, Meltem and Heidi Reynolds-Stenson. “Tweeting from Gezi Park: Social Media and Repression Backfire.” Forthcoming in Social Currents.

Ring-Ramirez, Misty, Heidi Reynolds-Stenson, and Jennifer Earl. 2014. “Culturally Constrained Contention: Mapping the Meaning Structure of the Repertoire of Contention.” Mobilization 19(4): 405-419.

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