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Hyungjun is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology. He received a B.A. (2008) and an M.A. (2013) in Sociology from Seoul National University, South Korea. He is interested in stratification/inequality, urban sociology, and political sociology. Specifically, his research topics range from antecedents and consequences of housing status, housing regimes, neighborhood effects, wealth, institutional/non-institutional political participation, social capital, trust, to quantitative methods (multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, quasi-experimental methods etc.).  

Selected Publications

Suh, Hyungjun, Terrence D. Hill, and Harold G. Koenig. 2019. "Religious Attendance and Biological Risk: A National Longitudinal Study of Older Adults." Journal of Religion and Health (Online First).
Suh, Hyungjun and Heidi Reynolds-Stenson. 2018. “A Contingent Effect of Trust?: Interpersonal Trust and Social Movement Participation in Political Context.” Social Science Quarterly. 99(4): 1484-1495. 
Yee, Jaeyeol , Byeonghee Cho, Dukjin Chang, Myoungsoon You, Myungsook Woo, Hyungjun Suh. 2014. “Social Integration: Concept, Measure and International Comparison.” (written in Korean) Korean Journal of Social Policy, 21(2): 113-149.
Suh, Hyungjun, Jaeyeol Yee, Dukjin Chang. 2013. “Type of Trust and Political Participation in Five Countries: Results of Social Quality Survey.” Development and Society, 42(1):1-28. 


Zavisca, Jane, Hyungjun Suh, and Theodore Gerber. “Housing Status as a Multi-Dimensional Construct: A Test in Post-Soviet Contexts” (under review).
Suh, Hyungjun and Stéfanie André. “Tenure-Trust Paradox: A Longitudinal Approach to Housing Tenure and Generalized Trust in Six European Countries.” 
Suh, Hyungjun. “Do Housing Regimes Moderate the Homeownership Effect on Political Support?: A Multilevel Approach.”
Suh, Hyungjun. “Antecedents of Housing Status: A Case Study of South Korean Newlyweds in 2014-2016.”
Suh, Hyungjun, Jane Zavisca and Theodore Gerber. “Does Homeownership Promote Social Capital? A Test of Causal Mechanisms in Russia.”
Suh, Hyungjun, “Housing Status Inconsistency and its Psychological Consequences in Contemporary Russia.”
Suh, Hyungjun. “Neighborhood Disorder, Sense of Powerlessness and Political Participation.”
Suh, Hyungjun. “Homeownership and Allostatic Load among the Elderly in the United States: A Longitudinal Study” 
Suh, Hyungjun. “Decomposition of Residential Satisfaction among South Korean Newlyweds in 2014-2016.”


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Hyungjun Suh
Ph.D. Candidate
Office: Social Sciences 436B