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Hyungjun is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology. He received a B.A (2008) and an M.A. (2013) in Sociology from Seoul National University, South Korea. His research interests range from antecedents and consequences of housing status, housing regime, wealth, stratification/inequality, institutional/non-institutional political participation, social capital, interpersonal trust, to quantitative methods (multilevel modeling, structural equation modeling, quasi-experimental methods etc.)  


Suh, Hyungjun. “Do Housing Regimes Moderate the Homeownership Effect on Political Support?: A Multilevel Approach”
Suh, Hyungjun. “Does Higher Housing Status Undermine Attitudinal Collectivism?: A Longitudinal Approach.”
Suh, Hyungjun. “Parental Financial Aid, Housing Property Rights, and Household Wealth: A Case Study of Newlyweds in 2014 South Korea”
Suh, Hyungjun, Jane Zavisca and Theodore Gerber. “Does Homeownership Promote Social Capital? A Test of Causal Mechanisms in Russia”
Zavisca, Jane, Hyungjun Suh, and Theodore Gerber. “Housing Status as a Multi-Dimensional Construct: A Test in Post-Soviet Contexts.”
Suh, Hyungjun, “Housing Status Inconsistency and its Psychological Consequences in Contemporary Russia.”
Suh, Hyungjun, Terrence D. Hill, and Christopher Ellison. “Religious Attendance and Allostatic Load: A Longitudinal Approach.”
Suh, Hyungjun. “Neighborhood Disorder, Sense of Powerlessness and Political Participation.”


Selected Publications

Suh, Hyungjun and Heidi Reynolds-Stenson. Forthcoming. “A Contingent Effect of Trust?: Interpersonal Trust and Social Movement Participation in Political Context.” Social Science Quarterly.   
Yee, Jaeyeol , Byeonghee Cho, Dukjin Chang, Myoungsoon You, Myungsook Woo, Hyungjun Suh. 2014. “Social Integration: Concept, Measure and International Comparison.” (written in Korean) Korean Journal of Social Policy, 21(2): 113-149.
Suh, Hyungjun, Jaeyeol Yee, Dukjin Chang. 2013. “Type of Trust and Political Participation in Five Countries: Results of Social Quality Survey.” Development and Society, 42(1). 
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Hyungjun Suh
Ph.D. Candidate
Office: Social Sciences 436B