Jeff Sallaz

Research Interests

Jeff Sallaz's interests lie at the crossroads of the sociology of work, economic sociology, and social theory. He is an ethnographer, which means he studies people in real time and space, often by living and working among them. His research projects have involved stints as an auto assembly worker, a casino croupier, a call center agent, and a corporate marketer.  He has conducted research in the United States, South Africa, and the Philippines.

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Selected Publications

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2017. “Exit Tales: How Precarious Workers Navigate Bad Jobs.’”  Journal of Contemporary Ethnography 46(5): 53-599.

Sallaz, Jeffrey and Phoenix Chi Wang. 2016. “Sumptuary Labor: How Liberal Market Economies Regulate Consumption.”  Politics and Society 44(4): 551-572.

Sallaz, Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2015. “Permanent Pedagogy: How Post-Fordist Firms Manufacture Effort but not Consent.’”  Work and Occupations 42(1): 3-34.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J.  2013. Labor, Economy, and Society.  Malden, MA: Polity Press.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2012. "Politics of Organizational Adornment: Lessons from Las Vegas and Beyond.American Sociological Review 77(1): 99-119. 

Courpasson, David, Damon Golsorkhi, and Jeffrey J. Sallaz (ed.). 2012. Rethinking Power in Organizations, Institutions, and Markets. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2010. “Talking Race, Marketing Culture: The Racial Habitus In and Out of Apartheid.Social Problems 57(2): 294-314.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2010. “Service Labor and Symbolic Power: On Putting Bourdieu to Work.” Work and Occupations 37(3): 295-319.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2010. "Who's Counting?: Vegas in American Cinema." Contexts 8(1): 66-68.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2009. The Labor of Luck: Casino Capitalism in the United States and South Africa. Berkeley: University of California Press.  (Winner, Distinguished Book Award, American Sociologial Association Section on Labor and Labor Movements).

Grant, Don, Alfonso Morales, and Jeffrey J. Sallaz. 2009. "Pathways to Meaning: A New Approach to Studying Emotions at Work." American Journal of Sociology 115(2): 327-64.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2008. "Deep Plays: A Comparative Ethnography of Gambling Contests in Two Post-Colonies." Ethnography 9(1): 5-33.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. and Jane R. Zavisca. 2007. "Pierre Bourdieu in American Sociology, 1980-2005." Annual Review of Sociology 33: 21-41.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2006. “The Making of the Global Gambling Industry: An Application and Extension of Field Theory.” Theory and Society 35(3): 265- 297.
Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2004. “Manufacturing Concessions: Attritionary Outsourcing at GM’s Lordstown Assembly Plant.” Work, Employment and Society 18(4): 687-708.

Sallaz, Jeffrey J. 2002. “The House Rules: Autonomy and Interests among Contemporary Casino Croupiers.Work and Occupations 29(4): 394-427.

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Contact Information

Jeff Sallaz
Associate Professor of Sociology
Telephone: (520) 621-3084
Office: Social Sciences Room 439A

Courses Taught

Soc 300: Sources of Social Theory (undergraduate)

Soc 326: Work and Society (undergraduate)

Soc 448: Sociology of the Body (undergraduate)

Soc 500b: Contemporary Social Theory (graduate)

Soc 514: Political Sociology (graduate)

Soc 576: Field Methods (graduate)

Soc 587: Economic Sociology (graduate)