A. Joseph West

About A. Joseph West

Joseph is a graduate student in the department of sociology. He received a Bachelors of Science degree in Philosophy from the University of Utah in 2007, and a Masters of Arts in Sociology from The University of Arizona in 2010. His research focuses on religion, culture and social movement mobilization. His master's research was on congregation-based political mobilization in support of and opposition to gay marriage. His dissertation is a study of the Mujahideen insurgency in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation of the 1980's. His goal with this research is to better understand the role of culture and religion in the mobilization process.

Research Interests

Social Network Analysis, Historical and Case-Based Methods, Culture, Religion, Social Movements, Insurgency Conflict & Dark Networks, Theory, Knowledge, Science & Technology

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Contact Information

A. Joseph West
PhD Candidate
Telephone: 801-509-2500
Office: Social Sciences #430

Dissertation Title

Field Theoretic Analysis of Insurgency Mobilization: The Case of the Afghan Mujahideen

Courses Taught

Soc 322 - Sociology of Religion

Soc 274 - Social Statistics