Jurgita Abromaviciute

About Jurgita Abromaviciute

I am a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Arizona, interested in questions of inequality and its persistence through status-based social psychological mechanisms. 
​My current research, funded by the National Science Foundation, combines experimental method and qualitative interviews to examine how partnership status (whether one is married or single) modifies the motherhood penalty and fatherhood premium at the workplace.

Research Interests

Social Psychology, Stratification, Theory, Gender

Selected Publications

Melamed, David and Jurgita Abromaviciute. 2013. “The Implications of Social Neuroscience for Expectation States Theories.” Sociology Compass.

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Contact Information

Jurgita Abromaviciute
PhD Candidate
Office: 416A


Dissertation Title

Deconstructing Bias: Partnership Status Effects on the Motherhood Penalty and Fatherhood Bonus

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology (SOC 101)

Individuals, Groups, and Society (SOC 232)

Sources of Sociological Theory (SOC 300)

Social Networks (SOC 430)