Kathleen C. Schwartzman

Research Interests

Political Sociology, Economic Development, Latin America.

Selected Publications


The Chicken Trail: Following Workers, Migrants, and Corporations across the Americas (2013)
Winner of  2013 William M LeoGrande Book Prize

Social Origins of Democratic Collapse: The First Portuguese Republic in the Global Economy (1989)
Part I and Part II




"Globalization and Democracy" (2018)








"Mexico and the New Neoliberalism" (2019)


"From Hegemony to Ashes: The Political Economy of Portugal's Forest Fires" (2018)


"Who Rules the Roost? (2018)



"Immigration and the American Dilemma" (2014)


"Will China’s Development lead to Mexico’s Underdevelopment?" (2014)

"The Role of Labor Struggle in the Shifting Ethnic Composition of Labor Markets" (2009)

"Globalization from a World System Perspective: A New Phase in the Core--A New Destiny for Brazil and the Semiperiphery? (2006)


"Lettuce, Segmented Labor Market and the Immigration Discourse" (2008)

"Can International Boycotts Transform Political Systems? The Cases of Cuba and South Africa" (2001)



"Election 2008: The Presidential Campaign and the Irony of NAFTA" (2008)

"Globalization: The New Mechanism of Dependency" (2004)

"Globalization Hits Lisbon: The Rise of Banks from 1970 to 2000" (2001)


"Currency Crises and Their Iconic Phantasmas" (2011)

"What Caused the Collapse of Apartheid?"

"Globalization and Democracy" (1999)

"The Historical and Global Nature of Dependent Development: A Time Series Analysis of Brazil and Mexico, 1901-80"


"An Outrageous Proposal: A WPA for Hurrican Cleanup and Reconstruction" (2006)


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Contact Information

Kathleen C. Schwartzman
Professor of Sociology
Telephone: (520) 621-1883
Office: Social Sciences Room 419