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About Kelsey Gonzalez

Kelsey is a second-year PhD student in sociology. Her research interests are broadly focused on the environment, world-systems, social networks, and political and economic sociology. She is interested in investigating the underlying sociological impacts of multinational corporations and foreign direct investment on unequal ecological exchange.

Kelsey has a strong methodological background following her extensive quantitative methods training at the University of Arizona. She has collaborated with Daniel Martinez investigating racial and ethnic identities of Latinos in the United States and with Robin Stryker analyzing a nationally-representative survey on the perceptions of incivility and the media. Kelsey received her MA in Sociology from the University of Arizona in 2018 where she investigated the impacts of personal networks on individuals’ perceptions of discrimination. Before coming to the University of Arizona, she earned her MPhil in Race, Ethnicity and Conflict from the Department of Sociology at Trinity College, Dublin in 2015.

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Kelsey Gonzalez
Graduate Student
Office: Social Sciences Building, Room 412