Kyle Puetz

About Kyle Puetz

Kyle is a doctoral candidate in the School of Sociology. He received his MA in sociology from the University of Arizona in 2012. 

His research examines social and cultural capital and expands the ways these concepts are understood and measured.

Areas of Study

Culture, social networks, theory, environment, disasters






Selected Publications

Peer Reviewed

Puetz, Kyle. 2017. “Fields of Mutual Alignment: A Dual-Order Approach to the Study of Cultural Holes.” Forthcoming in Sociological Theory 35 (3).

Puetz, Kyle. 2015. “Consumer Culture, Taste, Preferences, and Social Network Formation.” Sociology Compass 9: 438–449.


Other Publications

Breiger, Ronald L., and Kyle Puetz. 2015. “Culture and Networks.” Pp 557-62 in:  James D. Wright (editor-in-chief), International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd Edition, Vol 5. Oxford: Elsevier. 

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Contact Information

Kyle Puetz
Office: Rm 416

Dissertation Title

"Social Capital after Deepwater Horizon: A Multi-Method Analysis of Network Resources, Structure, and Change Following an Environmental Disaster.”

Courses Taught

Courses taught in person

  • Culture & Society (x1)
  • Introduction to Sociology (x1)

Courses taught online

  • Cultural Studies of Sports (x1)
  • Individuals, Groups and Society (x2)
  • Sociology of Popular Culture (x1)