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About Laureen O'Brien

Laureen K. O'Brien is a Ph.D. candidate in sociology at the University of Arizona. Her dissertation focuses on the emergence of vendor management (third-party) organizations in contingent employment, and the effect of vendor management practices on interorganizational relationships. 

Laureen is engaged in projects related to the health outcomes of employment, and the effects of perceptions of discrimination on work/life balance.  She also works closely with faculty in the Eller School of Management, currently working on research tracking the careers of professional college deans. She has a M.A. in Sociology from the University of Arizona and a B.S. in Business from San Jose State University.

Areas of Study

Organizations; employment intermediaries; work and labor markets; race, gender, class, and inequality; economic sociology

Research Interests

Organizations; work and labor markets; race, gender, class, and inequality; economic sociology

Selected Publications

Jacobs, Anna W., Terrance D. Hill, Daniel Tope, and Laureen K. O’Brien. “Employment Transitions, Childcare Conflict, and the Mental Health of Low-Income Urban Women with Children.” Forthcoming.


Working Papers

O’Brien, Laureen K. and Amanda M. Lubold. “Opting Out or Fed Up?: Women’s Decisions to Leave Work and Career.”

O’Brien, Laureen K. “Organizational Form Emergence and the Rise of Vendor Management.”

Other Research

Broschak, Joseph P. and Laureen K. O'Brien.  Tracking the Careers of U.S. Deans in Professional Schools.  (Currently in data gathering and inital analysis stage)

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Contact Information

Laureen O'Brien
Telephone: (650) 868-0018
Office: Soc Sci 436

Courses Taught

Introduction to Statistics for the Social Sciences
Work and Society
Social Inequality
Complex Organizations
Sociology of Sexuality