Linda Molm

Research Interests

Linda Molm's research interests are in social psychology, group processes, and gender. The long-standing focus of her work is the experimental analysis of theories of social exchange, power, inequality, and justice. She is currently engaged in a decade-long project studying how different forms of social exchange (negotiated, reciprocal, and generalized) affect the formation of integrative bonds of trust, regard, and solidarity in relationships.

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Selected Publications

  • "Fragile and Resilient Trust: Risk and Uncertainty in Negotiated and Reciprocal Exchange" (with David Schaefer and Jessica Collett). Sociological Theory 27:1-32 (2009).
  • "Building Solidarity Through Generalized Exchange: A Theory of Reciprocity" (with Jessica Collett and David Schaefer). American Journal of Sociology 113:205-42 (2007).
  • "In the Eye of the Beholder: Procedural Justice in Social Exchange" (with Nobuyuki Takahashi and Gretchen Peterson). American Sociological Review 68:128-152 (2003).
  • Coercive Power in Social Exchange. Cambridge University Press. 1997
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Linda Molm
Professor Emerita