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I am a fourth year graduate student in sociology at the University of Arizona. I use qualitative and quantitative research methods to study the dynamic relationships between gender, technology, politics, capital, and the body. My ongoing research can be broken into two primary projects.
My research on online political discourse explores how several different types of gender inequality, discrimination, stereotypes, and network disadvantages, influence politicians' engagement in online discourse. I am interested in determining if and how social media provides female politicians with an unmediated space for beneficial engagement or mirrors limitations faced on traditional media. 
My research on the nonconsensual sharing of sexual images explores how gendered status hierarchies and status threats influence this rising form of gender-based violence. I use online surveys and in-depth interviews to identify how status-related factors contribute to the frequency, audience, and meanings attached to sharing of images without the subject’s consent. I propose that we need to understand two distinct forms of image sharing, private and public, and motivators, perpetrator's versus victim's status.
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Research Interests

Gender, Technology, Networks, Politics, Culture, and the Body

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Morgan Johnstonbaugh
PhD Student
Office: Social Sciences 416

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology

Sports and Society

Gender Identities, Interactions, and Relationships

Sociology of the Body

Sociology of Gender