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I am a third year PhD student. My educational background is in philosophy of the social sciences. That background instilled in me an awareness of critical debates surrounding concepts fundamental to sociology, such as rationality, agency, and meaning, as well as introducing me to different understandings of science and scientific progress. At the University of Arizona, I work with a committee of faculty with expertise in social network approaches, cultural modelling, and theory. My broadest goal is to draw upon research experience and interactions with faculty to develop and present viewpoints that add depth and perspective to issues of interest to fellow sociologists. For more details on my interests and work, see information below. To contact me, feel free to email or simply drop by.

Areas of Study

Political sociology     Economic sociology     Social networks     Social theory


How is the category of “internet troll” used, what does it mean to be a “troll”, and how are these questions related? My current research addresses these issues by attending to how that category is used within Twitter discourse. It extends literatures on social category emergence, practice theories of culture, and cultural cognition. It aims to contribute a distinction between “cultural meaning” and traditional forms of linguistic meaning while appreciating the language foundations of both.

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Nelson Hosley
Office: Social Sciences 412
Office Hours: By appointment