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About Simone Rambotti

I am a PhD candidate in the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona. I am currently examining the effect of social inequalities on health-related outcomes utilizing a broad variety of methodological approaches, such as longitudinal analysis, multilevel modeling, and a case-oriented approach to regression analysis. I am also analyzing end-of-life crises by looking at their media representations, and by conducting online experiments.

Areas of Study

Social Determinants of Health; Methods and Statistics; Inequality; Sociology of Health and Illness; Social Epidemiology; End-of-life; Networks; Culture; Topic Modeling; Sport.

Selected Publications

Anderson, Kathryn, Eric Bjorklund, and Simone Rambotti, “Income Inequality and Chronic Health Conditions: A Multilevel Analysis of the U.S. States.” Forthcoming at Sociological Focus. Postprint available at SocArXiv:
Rambotti, Simone. 2017 “Narratives of a Dying Woman: Contentious Meaning at the End of Life.” Socius (
Rambotti, Simone. 2015. “Response to Pickett and Wilkinson (2015)” Social Science & Medicine (
Rambotti, Simone. 2015. “Recalibrating the spirit level: An analysis of the interaction of income inequality and poverty and its effect on health.” Social Science & Medicine (
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Contact Information

Simone Rambotti
Office: Social Sciences Rm 416a

Dissertation Title

How Inequality Affects Health: Reconciling Evidence from Cross-sectional, Relational, and Longitudinal Analyses

Courses Taught

Social Statistics, Health and Society, Introduction to Sociology, Social Issues in America, Sports & Society, Race Class Gender & Sports, Criminology