Sosuke Okada

About Sosuke Okada

Sosuke Okada is a doctoral candidate in Sociology. His research is centered around formal, structural, or experimental analysis of social behaviors. He is currently working to develop a model based on signaling theory, called intrinsic benefit model. His goal is to develop a model which can provide game theoretic explanations for many cultural behaviors that are of interests for sociologists and organizational researchers.

Research Interests

Group Processes, Social Networks, Game Theory, Complex Organizations, Formal Analysis of Culture

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Contact Information

Sosuke Okada
Office: Social Science Rm426

Dissertation Title

The Intrinsic Benefit Model of Cultural Signaling. Committee: Joseph Galaskiewicz (chair), Linda Molm, Ronald Breiger, Tamar Kugler

Courses Taught

Introduction to Sociology, Social Networks, Group Processes