Terrence D. Hill

Research Interests

My research examines social inequalities in health and human suffering. I am especially (not exclusively) interested in the effects of religious involvement, neighborhood context, social relationships, and socioeconomic status. To date, I have published over 100 peer-reviewed journal articles, book chapters, and encyclopedia entries. My publications appear in a range of journals like the Journal of Health and Social BehaviorSocial Science & MedicineThe Journals of GerontologyThe GerontologistAmerican Journal of Public HealthLabour Economics, and Social Work. I have also published chapters in the Handbook of Sociology of AgingAnnual Review of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the Handbook of the Sociology of Mental Health, and the Handbook on Religion and Society. According to Google Scholar, my published work has been cited across a range of disciplines well over 4,000 times. 

Selected Publications

Hill, Terrence, Catherine Ross, and Ronald Angel. 2005. “Neighborhood Disorder, Psychophysiological Distress, and Health.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 46:170-186.

Hill, Terrence and Ronald Angel. 2005. “Neighborhood Disorder, Psychological Distress, and Heavy Drinking.” Social Science & Medicine 61:965-975.

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Hill, Terrence and Belinda Needham. 2006. “Gender-Specific Trends in Educational Attainment and Self-Rated Health, 1972-2002.” American Journal of Public Health 96:1288-1292.

Hill, Terrence, Amy Burdette, Jacqueline Angel, and Ronald Angel. 2006. “Religious Attendance and Cognitive Functioning among Older Mexican Americans.” Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences 61B:P3-P9.

Hill, Terrence, Ryan Schroeder, Christopher Bradley, Lauren Kaplan, and Ronald Angel. 2009. “The Long-term Health Consequences of Relationship Violence in Adulthood: An Examination of Low-income Women from Boston, Chicago, and San Antonio.” American Journal of Public Health 99:1645-1650.

Hill, Terrence, Amy Burdette, and Lauren Hale. 2009. “Neighborhood Disorder, Sleep Quality, and Psychological Distress: Testing a Model of Structural Amplification.” Health & Place 15:1006-1013.

Hill, Terrence, Lauren Kaplan, Michael French, and Robert Johnson. 2010. “Victimization in Early Life and Mental Health in Adulthood: An Examination of the Mediating and Moderating Influences of Psychosocial Resources.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51:48-63.

Hill, Terrence, Amy Burdette, and Ellen Idler. 2011. “Religious Involvement, Health Status, and Mortality Risk.” Pp. 533-546 in the Handbook of Sociology of Aging, edited by R. Settersten and J. Angel. New York: Springer.

Hill, Terrence, Jacqueline Angel, Kelly Balistreri, and Angelica Herrera. 2012. “Immigration Status and Cognitive Functioning in Late Life: An Examination of Gender Variations in the Healthy Immigrant Effect.” Social Science & Medicine 75:2076-2084.

Hill, Terrence, Amy Burdette, Hanna Jokinen-Gordon, and Jennifer Brailsford. 2013. “Neighborhood Disorder, Social Support, and Self-Esteem: Evidence from a Sample of Low-income Women Living in Three Cities.” City & Community 12:380-395.

Hill, Terrence, Reid, Megan, and Corinne Reczek. 2013. “Marriage and the Mental Health of Low-income Urban Women with Children.” Journal of Family Issues 34:1238-1261.

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Hill, Terrence, Hilary Cook, and Keith Whitfield. 2014. “Race and Ethnic Variations in the Education-Control-Distress Model.” Social Science Quarterly 95:269-285.

Hill, Terrence, Sunshine Rote, Christopher Ellison, and Amy Burdette. 2014. “Religious Attendance and Biological Functioning: A Multiple Specification Approach.” Journal of Aging and Health 26:766-785.

Jacobs, Anna, Terrence Hill, and Amy Burdette. 2015. “Health Insurance Status and Symptoms of Psychological Distress among Low-Income Urban Women.” Society and Mental Health 5:1-15.

Hill, Terrence, Amy Burdette, John Taylor, and Jacqueline Angel. 2016. “Religious Attendance and the Mobility Trajectories of Older Mexican Americans.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 57:118-134.

Hill, Terrence, Burt Uchino, Jessica Eckhardt, and Jacqueline Angel. 2016. “Perceived Social Support Trajectories and the All-Cause Mortality Risk of Older Mexican American Women and Men.” Research on Aging 38:374-398.
Hill, Terrence, Christopher Ellison, Amy Burdette, John Taylor, and Katherine Friedman. 2016. “Dimensions of Religious Involvement and Leukocyte Telomere Length.” Social Science & Medicine 163:179-180.
Hill, Terrence, Preeti Vaghela, Christopher Ellison, and Sunshine Rote. 2017. “Processes Linking Religious Involvement and Telomere Length.” Biodemography and Social Biology 63:167-188.
Hill, Terrence, Sunshine Rote, and Christopher Ellison. 2017. “Religious Participation and Biological Functioning in Mexico.” Journal of Aging and Health 29:951-972.

Hill, Terrence and Andrew Jorgenson. 2018. “Bring Out Your Dead!: A Study of Income Inequality and Life Expectancy in the United States, 2000-2010.” Health & Place 49:1-6.

Hill, Terrence, Reed Deangelis, and Christopher Ellison. 2018. “Religious Involvement as a Social Determinant of Sleep: An Initial Review and Conceptual Model.” Sleep Health 4:325-330.

Hill, Terrence, Andrew Jorgenson, Peter Ore, Kelly Balistreri, and Brett Clark. 2019. “Air Quality and Life Expectancy in the United States: An Analysis of the Moderating Effect of Income Inequality.” SSM-Population Health 7:100346.

Hill, Terrence, Joseph Saenz, and Sunshine Rote. Forthcoming. “Religious Participation and Mortality Risk in Mexico.” Journal of Gerontology: Social Sciences.

Hill, Terrence, Andrew Davis, J. Micah Roos, and Michael French. Forthcoming. “Limitations of Fixed-Effects Models for Panel Data.” Sociological Perspectives.



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