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My name is Yi (pronounced exactly as the letter “E”) Zhao. I am a 4th-year doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at University of Arizona. I study organization theory and social networks and am interested in discovering the sociological processes underlying the actions and outcomes associated with both business corporations and nonprofit organizations. My ongoing work investigates the social determinants of corporate social performance in the US. I am also collaborating with Professor Joseph Galaskiewicz on a project aiming to reconcile theory and context in comparative nonprofit research. 

Statistical modeling and social network analysis (SNA) are my primary methods of choice. I am also interested in exploring new analytical methods and combining them with my primary ones, in the hope of generating both new answers and questions. In addition to its application, I enjoy teaching research methods. During AY 2007-2008, my teaching services include tutoring two core graduate-level courses of Social Statistics (Soc 570A and Soc 570B) and two undergraduate-level courses of Social Research Methods (Soc 374) and Quantitative Reasoning in Sociology (Soc 375). 

My most recent award includes the 2017 ARNOVA Pre-Conference Doctoral Seminar Fellowship. I earned MA in sociology from The University of Arizona in 2016. Prior to Tucson, I also received the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs Fellowship and earned my MPA from Cornell University as an inductee to Pi Alpha Alpha in 2013. I call the University of International Business and Economics (Beijing) Alma Mater, where I earned BA in English during 2010.

I used to work as an interpreter (and translator) for the Delegation of European Union to China in Beijing and as an assistant researcher at the Yang-Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell in Ithaca.

In my spare time, I’m blessed with the affectionate companionship of my beautiful wife and our lovely son. In addition to family vacation, I like watching Huaju (a form of Chinese drama featuring realistic spoken dialogue) and sometimes acting myself given opportunities. As a sophomore in college, I acted the role of "Revolucionario" in the play Los Vendidos, and won the Best Supporting Actor in the 1st Beijing University-Wide Drama Competition of 2007. Something of which I would occasionally remind myself when I fail to reject the null hypothesis.

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