Welcome to the School of Sociology at the University of Arizona

The School of Sociology at the University of Arizona houses a highly ranked Ph.D. program in Sociology, a BA in Sociology, a new B.S. in Care, Health, and Society, and contributes courses to the Sports and Society track in the Bachelor of General Studies. We maintain our commitment to being a first-rate research program in sociology.

The School of Sociology at Arizona has a history of excellence in research and teaching, and has long been a wellspring of innovation in theory and methods. Sociology explores and analyzes issues vital to our own lives, our communities, our nation, and the world. The undergraduate major provides a foundation for careers in many professional fields, and for graduate training as a sociologist in academia, government, business, or community agencies.

Our graduate training prepares students for careers in research and teaching. The school is widely recognized as one of the top programs in the United States. Our faculty includes senior members who are nationally and internationally acknowledged authorities in their fields, and some of the best young scholars in the country.

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School News

Friday, September 19, 201412-1:15pSocial Sciences, Room 415 ​ Entering the Creative Class: The Role of High-Status Culture   Sharon KoppmanPhD CandidateSchool of Sociology, UA Occupations that add economic value through purported creativity, a socioeconomic category popularized by Richard Florida’... read more
Friday, September 12, 201412-1:15pSocial Sciences, Room 415 ​ Attribution of Status in International Politics   Tom VolgyProfessorSchool of Government and Public Policy, UA Extant theories of state status attribution have largely focused on major powers or state capabilities as key explanatory... read more