Arizona Culture Workshop

The Arizona Culture Workshop is oriented toward the study of the symbolic aspects of social life. Dedicated to providing graduate students and faculty opportunities for feedback and professional development, the workshop meets three times a semester. The workshop begins with the paper's author delivering a fifteen-minute presentation. A selected discussant then spends five to ten minutes critically addressing the paper’s strengths and weaknesses, after which discussion opens up to all participants. Other goals include discussing theoretical and methodological problems in cultural sociology and facilitating student-faculty collaborations. 

Social Organization Seminar

The Social Organization Seminar is a workshop to provide learning opportunities for faculty and graduate students in the School of Sociology and across campus and explore topics related to organizations, work and occupations.  In a typical year we meet four or five times, and members of the seminar will get feedback on papers they are preparing for publicfrom seminar participants.  Mostly this is to help faculty and students prepare papers for publication. 

Inequality Workshop

School of Sociology’s Inequality Workshop serves graduate students and faculty in the School of Sociology and across campus in the process of developing research papers and grant proposals related to inequalities of race, class, and gender. The workshop meets approximately once a month throughout the academic year to discuss a paper-in-progress related broadly to the theme of inequality. A discussant initiates the workshop discussion by providing the initial feedback for the author’s paper. The Inequality Workshop invites all members of the school to attend each workshop and to provide feedback on the paper presented. Past workshops have helped to develop Master’s theses and dissertation chapters, and to prepare articles for submission to scholarly journals.

Brownbag Series

The School of Sociology hosts a brown bag lunch series of talks every Friday of the Fall and Spring and semesters. Guest speakers are drawn from other University of Arizona departments and from Sociology departments around the country. Speakers focus on recent research, although the focus of research highlighted in the talks varies broadly to engage diverse sociological interests. Talks are held at Noon in Social Sciences Room 415. Speakers take a short break during Q&A just before 1:00pm to excuse those that have engagements at 1:00p. Discussion then continues until approximately 1:15p. See our calendar of events for a list of upcoming talks.