Grads on the Job Market

Andrew P. Davis

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  • Dissertation Title: "The Social Structure of Conflict : Network Embeddedness and Isolation Across Levels of Analysis"
  • Dissertation Committee: Ron Brieger (Chair), Joe Galaskiewicz, Dan Martinez, Jessica Maves-Braithwaite
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Global & International Crime, Sexual Violence, Political Sociology, War & Social Conflict, Organizational Sociology, Computational Sociology, Quantitative Methods 

Eliza Benites-Gambirazio

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  • Dissertation Title: "Selling without looking like it. The production of a residential housing market through the study of real estate agents"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jane Zavisca (Chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Economic Sociology, Work and Organizations, Culture, Stratification, Housing

Eric Bjorklund

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  • Dissertation Title: "Like a Fire Bell in the Night: The Socio-Political Consequences of Economic Insecurity amongst White Working Class Men "
  • Dissertation Committee: Joseph Galaskiewicz (Chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Stratification/Inequality, Political Economy, Political Sociology, and Quantitative Methods

Michael Gibson-Light

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  • Dissertation Title: "Capital & Punishment: How Prison Labor Systems Reproduce Inequality"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jeff Sallaz (Chair), Ronald Breiger, Kathleen Schwartzman, Jennifer Carlson, Phillip Goodman
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Punishment and Incarceration, Work, Culture, Inequality, Economic Sociology

Meltem Odabas

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  • Dissertation Title: Novelty in Cultural Tastes: A Social Network Perspective
  • Dissertation Committee: Ronald L. Breiger (Chair); Erin Leahey (Member); Charles Seguin (Member)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Networks; Computational Social Science; Social Movements and Collective Action; Sociology of Culture; Economic Sociology; Organizations

Sosuke Okada

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  • Dissertation Title: Testing the Intrinsic Benefit Model of Cultural Signaling
  • Dissertation Committee: Joseph Galaskiewicz (chair, Linda Molm, Ronald Breiger, Tamar Kugler
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Group Processes, Social Networks, Organizations, Research Methodologies

Jessica Pfaffendorf

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  • Dissertation Title: "The Double Disadvantage: A Theory of Status-Stigma Intensification and Moral Expectations in Employment.”
  • Dissertation Committee: Robin Stryker (Chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Culture, Stratification and Inequality, Gender, Deviance, Qualitative Methods, Experimental Methods

Kyle Puetz

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  • Dissertation Title: “Social Capital after Deepwater Horizon: A Multi-Method Analysis of Network Resources, Structure, and Change Following an Environmental Disaster.”
  • Dissertation Committee: Ron Breiger (Co-Chair), Brian Mayer (Co-Chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Culture, Environment, Knowledge, Organizations, Social  Networks, Theory

Misty Ring-Ramirez 

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  • Dissertation Title: "An Interorganizational Network Analysis of the Social Movement Sector in New York, 1960-1995"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Earl (Co-Chair), Joseph Galaskiewicz (Co-Chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Organizations, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Social Network Analysis, Research Methods and Statistics

Amanda Schutz

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  • Dissertation Title: "Congregation Among the Least Religious: The Process and Meaning of Organizing Around Non-Belief"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jane Zavisca
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Religion and Secularism, Inequality, identity, Boundaries, Social Movements, Informal organizations and Communities, Deviance, Morality