Grads on the Job Market

Jurgita Abromaviciute

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  • Dissertation title: "Deconstructing Bias: How Partnership Status Modifies the Motherhood Penalty and Fatherhood Bonus"
  • Dissertation committee: Erin Leahey (Chair) 
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Theory, Gender, Social Networks

Luis Vila-Henninger

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  • Dissertation title: "Direct Democracy in America: How Voters Evaluate Market Regulation"
  • Dissertation committee: Jeffery Sallaz (Chair), Jane Zavisca, Albert Bergesen, Lane Kenworthy
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Economic Sociology; Sociology of Culture; Cognition; Theory; Political Sociology; Direct Democracy; Market Regulatory Policy. 

Xóchitl Mota-Back

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  • Dissertation Title: "Evidence and Expertise: Enactments of Knowledge in the Sex Education Debate"
  • Dissertation Committee: Erin Leahey (chair), Joe Galaskiewicz, Jennifer Croissant (GWS)
  • Research and Teaching interests: Gender and Sex; Sexuality; Knowledge and Science; Expertise; Qualitative Methods; Intersectionality; Feminist Theory and Methods​

Laureen O'Brien

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  • Dissertation Title: "Organizational Emergence and the Rise of Vendor Management"
  • Dissertation Committee: Erin Leahey (co-chair), Joseph Broschak (co-chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Organizations, occupations, and work; labor markets; inequality; gender/race/class; qualitative and quantitative methods

Sosuke Okada

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  • Dissertation Title: Testing the Intrinsic Benefit Model of Cultural Signaling
  • Dissertation Committee: Joseph Galaskiewicz (chair, Linda Molm, Ronald Breiger, Tamar Kugler
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Psychology, Group Processes, Social Networks, Organizations, Research Methodologies

Simone Rambotti

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  • Dissertation Title: "Health as Contention: How Economic and Cultural Factors Shape Health-related Outcomes and Narratives"
  • Dissertation Committee: Ron Breiger (chair), Terrence HIll, Erin Leahey
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology; Health Disparities; Social Epidemiology; Stratification; Methods and Statistics; Networks; Culture; Topic Modeling; End-of-life; Sport

Ryan Seebruck

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  • Dissertation Title: “Engineering Equality: The Organization of Education Labor  Markets and the Distribution of Teacher Quality in Japan”
  • Dissertation Committee: Joseph Galaskiewicz (chair), Jane Zavisca, Jeffrey Sallaz
  • Research and Teaching interests: social inequality (e.g. race); structural inequality (e.g. networks, organization); methods and statistics (including programming); labor markets; organizational theory; education

Heidi Reynolds-Stenson

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  • Dissertation Title: "Building a Wall of Resistance: The Consequences of Activist's Repression-Management Strategies"
  • Dissertation Committee: Jennifer Earl (chair)
  • Research and Teaching Interests: Social Movements, Policing, Law, Deviance, Culture