An internship can help you explore your career interests, gain the skills you'll need for future jobs, and build your professional network.

Finding an Internship

Internship postings are shared with the students through the student listserv and posted on the School of Sociology's bulletin board, across from Social Science room #409. The School of Sociology keeps a list of organizations that it has worked with previously, if you would like to find out more about these and other School of Sociology approved internship organizations and locations, then please consult with the Internship Coordinator. Students are encouraged to seek out and secure their own internships, as the School of Sociology does not assign students to any particular internship position. Additionally, Student Engagement & Career Development provides valuable information for students on how to find an internship.

Experiencing an Internship

Depending on the major (CHS or SOC) a student will either be enrolled in SOC 393 or CHS 393. A student can either enroll in a 3-unit internship for 135 hours or a 6-unit internship for 270 hours. CHS majors are required to complete a 3-unit internship to fulfill their academic program requirement for the major. SOC 393 is considered an elective within the Sociology major.

  • SOC majors, Junior or Senior status, who are in good academic standing and have successfully completed 9 units of Sociology coursework, and SOC 101.
  • CHS majors, Junior or Senior status, who are in good academic standing and have successfully completed CHS 204 with a passing grade.
  • International students (SOC or CHS majors) must apply and be approved for a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) with UA International Students Services before engaging in an off-campus work/internship opportunity. Please meet with an international student advisor before applying for CPT.

Internship credit is regular academic credit. Therefore, all regular university tuition rates, fees, and deadlines apply.

How to Set up and Enroll in an Internship

Identify and secure an internship at an approved and reputable non-profit organization, company providing health services, or a government agency. Each sponsoring organization will have its own requirements and application procedures. Some organizations require a background check that can take time to complete, this means that it is to your benefit to start approaching internship organizations early. Please keep in mind that this process falls on the responsibility of the student.

Students are reminded that every contact with a potential sponsoring organization is important, regardless of whether it is to perform the assigned duties of the internship or only to obtain information. All contacts should be made in a timely and professional manner. Be aware that each contact directly affects the reputation of the student, and also the collective reputations of the Internship Program, the School of Sociology, and the University of Arizona.

Download and complete the internship application. NOTE: The internship application needs to be filled out by both the student and the supervising personnel at the internship site. Please make sure that the application has your supervisor's signature. Students will be unable to enroll in the internship without a fully completed application.

Meet with the Internship Coordinator for a final review of the internship application. The fully completed internship application, accompanied by your supervisor's business card, must be brought to the meeting. Enrollment will only occur for completed and approved internship applications.

To setup an appointment please email:


Internship Coordinator

Jessica Dennes
School of Sociology
University of Arizona
Social Science Building, Room 413A