Care, Health & Society Minor

Declare the Minor

Any advisor can declare you in one of our three undergraduate minors or you can declare a minor online. You should also schedule an appointment with advisor John McNeil to discuss minor requirements.

Minor Requirements

The minor in Care, Health, & Society (CHS) requires a minimum of 18 units. At least 9 units of upper division coursework.

  • CHS 303: Health and Society
  • CHS 305: Suffering and Care in Society
  • CHS 309: Ethical Issues in the Helping Professions
  • SOC 350: Environment, Health & Society
  • CHS 401: Health Disparities in Society
  • SBS 200: Statistics
  • CHS 476: Research Methods and Analysis of Health Data (Prerequisite: SOC/SBS 200, SOC375, or other approved Statistics course)
  • CHS 204: Intro to the Health and Helping Professions
  • CHS 306: Interprofessional Care