About Our School

The School of Sociology is one of the best sociology programs in the country as evidenced by the quality of the faculty and the recognition it receives.  For example, during the past 30 years, the School has been consistently ranked in the top 25 of all sociology programs in the United States.  Of the departments at the University of Arizona ranked in 2010 by the National Research Council, the School of Sociology was among the top three. 

The Academic Program Review conducted in 2011 by an external team of experts had this to say about the school: “This extraordinarily strong program combines excellence in scholarship, teaching, and service with a high level of collegiality among faculty, graduate students, and staff.  Its faculty members have national (and often international) reputations as research scholars and mentors.” 

The School is committed to providing first-rate doctoral training for research, teaching and other professional work and has been very successful in placing graduates in top programs throughout the country.  Our strong undergraduate program prepares students for graduate/professional school and employment.