CHS 437: Health of Indigenous Populations (Crosslisted: SOC)

This course introduces students to health issues facing Indigenous populations. The course itself is divided into four units. Unit 1 is a general review of the definition, conceptualization, and everyday experience of Indigeneity. It provides an overview of colonization with an emphasis on its ongoing impact on health care and health research with Indigenous populations. Unit 2 discusses what health might mean from an Indigenous perspective. Unit 3 presents ethical considerations that may be especially important when working with Indigenous populations. Finally, Unit 4 offers a hopeful look toward the future of Indigenous health as Indigenous people continue to move forward in claiming their health and empowering their communities. For your final paper you will conduct a content analysis (this is your original Sociological research!) of media clippings from two recent Indigenous-led efforts that can have a positive impact on Indigenous health, broadly defined.

Course Credits