CHS 480: Qualitative Analysis of Health Data

Qualitative, non-­-statistical social science research can form the basis of important discoveries about individuals, organizations and societies. Qualitative methods help to better understand `how' and `why' we do things in a certain way rather than `how often', `how many' or `how much'. The field of health, illness and care generates complex research questions about behaviors, perceptions and practices, which sometimes cannot be fully and appropriately addressed by quantitative methods alone. Therefore this course introduces students to the theoretical and practical principles and approaches of qualitative research methods and provides an overview of the most commonly used qualitative research techniques. During the semester students will reflect on formulating research questions in their field of interest and selecting appropriate research designs. Students will identify research topics, develop research questions, and learn how to generate, analyze and write up qualitative data. Furthermore, students will practice their skills in the critical appraisal of qualitative research studies. Students will have the possibility to acquire methodological skills of qualitative research by conducting their own research project.

Course Credits