Yi Zhao

Ph.D. Candidate

Yi (pronounced "E") is an organization scholar interested in social entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility, and networks. His research examines organizational and sociological mechanisms underlying the impacts of social entrepreneurship and corporations on society. Yi is the recipient of 2019 Raymond V. Bowers Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper in sociology at the University of Arizona. His dissertation examines how investors select target companies in the rapidly growing industry of social impact investment.


In addition to an active research agenda, Yi is also committed to creating a supportive and inclusive environment for ALL students to succeed. He taught courses on topics such as nonprofit organizations, social networks, and research methods. In 2020, Yi received the William K. Bunis Graduate Student Teaching Instructor Award in sociology at the University of Arizona. 

Prior to his doctoral study, Yi was a fellow at the Cornell Institute for Public Affairs at Cornell University, where he earned his MPA degree with the support of merit scholarships during his whole study. Yi used to work as a translator for the Delegation of the European Union to China. In 2008, he proudly served as a volunteer for the Summer Olympics in Beijing.


You can find more about his research and teaching on his personal website: www.aboutyizhao.com.