Robin Stryker

Professor Emeritus

Robin Stryker focuses on law, politics, inequality and social change. She has written on sociological theory and methods, an such topics as political incivility and political dysfunction; organizations and institutional change; legitimacy, globalization and the welfare state; cross national family policy and gendered labor markets; law, science and public policy; political economy and culture of labor, antitrust and employment regulation; affirmative action; and US political culture and welfare reform. She has conducted comparative research on the effectiveness of voting rights, equal employment opportunity and fair housing, and she recently completed a co-edited book on global human rights.  Supported by the National Science Foundation and a John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, she is completing a book on the role of economic, sociological, psychological and statistical expertise in equal employment opportunity law and politics,1965-present.

Selected Publications

2015 (in press) L. Haglund and R. Stryker (editors), Closing the Rights Gap: From Human Rights to Social Transformation Berkeley CA: University of California Press.

2012. T. Massaro and R. Stryker. “Freedom of Speech, Liberal Democracy and Emerging Evidence on Effective Democratic Engagement.” Arizona Law Review 54: 375-441.

2011. R. Stryker, D. Docka-Filipek and P. Wald. “Employment Discrimination Law and Industrial Psychology: Social Science as Social Authority and the Co-Production of Law and Science.” Law & Social Inquiry 37: 777-914.

2009. R. Stryker & P. Wald. "Redefining Compassion to Reform Welfare: How Supporters of 1990s US Federal Welfare Reform Aimed for the Moral High Ground." Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society 16(4) 519-557. 

2007. R. Stryker, “Half Empty, Half Full or Neither? Law, Inequality and Social Change in Capitalist Democracies.” Annual Review of Law & Social Science 3: 69-97. 

2004. N. Pedriana and R. Stryker. "The Strength of a Weak Agency: Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Expansion of State Capacity, 1965-1971." American Journal of Sociology 110: 709-760.

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