10/24/2014 UA Sociology Brown Bag Speaker: John Hipp (UC Irvine)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Social Sciences, Room 415


"General Theory of Spatial Crime Patterns"



John R. Hipp


Department of Criminology, Law, and Society, UC-Irvine

I propose a general model for the spatial distribution of crime. I develop a formal model of the spatial distribution of offenders, targets, and guardians, and their spatial movements. I suggest ways to obtain estimates of the spatial distribution of these three classes of persons. I combine these estimates of the locations of persons along with prior information on the spatial movement patterns of persons as well as situational characteristics of locations to create estimates of crime potential at various locations at various points in time. The goal is a model that generates hypotheses for the micro-spatial distribution of crime, as well as hypotheses for the macro-spatial distribution of crime. I demonstrate some preliminary results based on sources of data with spatial information.


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Published Date: 

08/27/2014 - 15:01