10/3/2014 UA Sociology Brown Bag Series: Panel on New Methods in Sociology

Friday, October 3, 2014

Social Sciences, Room 415

Panel on New Methods in Sociology


Jennifer Earl


School of Sociology, UA

"Computational Methods"

This talk will define the terrain of computational social sciences, discuss potential uses for unstructured data unlocked by programming     competencies, and discuss recent research made possible by these methods. In doing so, I will argue that computational skills should become a core research practice t  taught in graduate programs.



Terrence Hill

Associate Professor

School of Sociology, UA

"The Role of Biology in Medical Sociology"

What role does biology play in medical sociology? I present a general theoretical model that frames biology as an adaptation to broader processes related to social culture. I argue that biology plays an important role in medical sociology because biological outcomes make social stratification and culture meaningful.



Joe Galaskiewicz                                                           


School of Sociology, UA        





       Kate Anderson

       PhD Candidate

       School of Sociology, UA


 "GIS Applications for Sociologists"


A geographic information system (GIS) uses data on points and polygons and their corresponding spatial coordinates to make higher-order maps. We describe the structure of data files, a computer program one can use, and data resources. We present three applications from our research in Phoenix on urban inequality.





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