2013 William M. LeoGrande Prize to Professor Kathleen Schwartzman


UA Sociology Professor Kathleen Schwartzman has received the 2013 William M. LeoGrande Prize for best book on U.S.-Latin American Relations from the School of Public Affairs and Center for Latin American & Latino Studies for The Chicken Trail: Following Workers, Migrants, and Corporations Across the Americas (2013 Cornell University Press).

Schwartzman explores the impact of globalization—and NAFTA in particular—on the North American poultry industry. It focuses on the displacement of African American workers in the southeast United States and the small landholders in Mexico. This book highlights the contemporary American dilemma: the U.S. labor market has jobs that “nobody wants,” jobs that are shipped overseas, and jobs for which American workers are unqualified. It also highlights the Global Dilemma: in developing nations, as rural survival continues to be undermined by international trade, people attempt to alleviate their poverty by packing their suitcases and abandoning their country.


Published Date: 

02/12/2014 - 17:18