3/14: Andrew M. Greeley's Contribution to Sociology


Friday, March 14, 2014
12 - 1:30p

Social Sciences, Room 415

This special session of the School of Sociology's weekly brownbag will focus on Professor Greeley's contributions to sociology as discussed by three of his colleagues who knew him very well:

Professor Michael Hout
Department of Sociology
New York University

Hout was a co-author of Greeley's on many important topics (see: 2012 Hout, Michael, and Andrew M. Greeley. “Religion and Happiness.” Pp. 288-314 in Social Trends in American Life, edited by Peter V. Marsden. Princeton: Princeton University Press; or 2001 Hout, Michael, Andrew M. Greeley, and Melissa J. Wilde, "The Demographic Imperative in Religious Change"American Journal of Sociology 107: 468-500, and their 2006 book, The Truth About Conservative Christians University of Chicago Press.). 

Professor Mark Chaves
Departments of Sociology and Religion
School of Divinity
Duke University

Mark Chaves award winning books include, American Religion: Contemporary Trends, Princeton University Press, which won the 2012 Christianity Today Book Award and Congregations in America, Harvard University Press, winner of the 2006 Distinguished Book Award from the ASA and the 2006 Outstanding Book Award from the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action. He is also the author of many important articles in the sociology of religion. 

Albert Bergesen
School of Sociology
University of Arizona

Al Bergesen and Andy Greeley wrote, God in the Movies, Transaction Publications, 2000, and together taught a sociology course of the same name.

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03/11/2014 - 05:31