9/12/2014 UA Sociology Brown Bag Speaker: Tom Volgy (SGPP, UA)

Friday, September 12, 2014

Social Sciences, Room 415

​ Attribution of Status in International Politics


Tom Volgy
School of Government and Public Policy, UA

Extant theories of state status attribution have largely focused on major powers or state capabilities as key explanatory factors driving these social processes. In this work we argue for a more comprehensive approach to status attribution which considers international norms as another major factor which is weighed in the attribution process. We contend that states (policymakers) evaluate one another according to whether their behavior conforms to existing normative expectations and subsequently reward one another dependent upon whether these expectations are met. However, this attribution of status is dependent upon the level of contestation pertaining to that norm. Using an original dataset which assesses conformity to six different norms (resource transference, multilateralism, economic liberalism, democratic governance, respect for human rights, and peaceful dispute resolution), we find that status attribution is influenced by norm-consistent behavior but only when these norms are uncontested at the global level.

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Published Date: 

08/27/2014 - 15:01