Associate Professor Daniel Martinez Wins DSA Award

April 18, 2022

Congratulations to Dan Martinez, who has been selected for a university-wide Distinguished Scholars Award!  


This highly competitive award was established to acknowledge outstanding mid-career faculty who are leading experts in their fields and highly valued contributors to the teaching, research, and outreach priorities set out in the University's Strategic Plan. According to the letter from Provost Folks, Dan was selected because his colleagues made a compelling case for the vital importance of his contributions and the worldwide impact of his achievements.  Thank you to Dan Menchik for spearheading this nomination effort, and all tenured faculty who contributed to the faculty's nomination letter.


In the Director of Sociology's letter, Erin Leahey highlighted Dan's "high quality research on timely topics like international border crossings and sanctuary cities, which has been published in top journals across multiple fields, garnered over 1600 citations and multiple awards, and prompted four invitations to federal agencies and congress." Erin commended Dan for his initiative and commitment to Sociology and the University of Arizona. "He has ideas. He connects with others for feedback on them. He volunteers. He offers to lead initiatives. And then he sees them through to fruition!  All this has been accomplished amid the pressure of the tenure clock and while parenting two young children. Indeed, Sociology, SBS, and the UA would shine even more brightly if every faculty member were so inclined. Dan has demonstrated leadership and continued commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the University of Arizona in many ways, big and small." 


Congratulations, Dan!  We admire you and your work, and are grateful for all that you do for our school.